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About Dr. J

Dr. J MD is a renowned healthcare professional from a family of medical experts who were also well-regarded. Dr. J MD performed his surgical internship at the University of Alabama, and the Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix was where he received most of his medical education and training. He is an American Board-certified physician who also focuses on cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and regenerative medicine.

Dr. J MD always had a flair for original thought. Formerly, he “molded, baked, and painted” clay Mardi Gras masks. He recounts with pride that even as a little boy, he could engrave a complete statement onto a grain of rice: “I was capable of writing an entire sentence like ‘I Love New Orleans.'”

Because of his extraordinary skill set, Dr. J MD is an expert in customizing treatment plans that are ideal for each patient. He has earned qualifications from the ISSCA, ACCMA, and CMA, and he is an experienced educator and mentor. In the past ten years, he has refined his skills in the fields of cosmetic and regenerative medicine by performing a significant number of surgical and non-surgical procedures that have been fruitful. When you are in the care of Dr. J MD, you can be assured that a qualified professional is attending to you.

To better serve his patients, Dr. J MD has spent the majority of his time and experience. He established a clinic for his valued patients. His track record spans two decades, and he works hard to ensure that all his patients are happy with the care they have received. At his facility, individualized care plans are developed for each patient based on the patient’s requirements.

He has a wealth of experience and expertise, and he is dedicated to providing his patients with thorough and individualized care. This allows him to assist his patients in attaining their goals of having a life without joint pain. At Bionic JointsTM , all kinds of joint pain, such as shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, ankle pain, heel pain, hip pain, back pain, and other joint pains, are treated non-surgically. Treatment options offered at Bionic JointsTM are STEM Cell joint injections, Power PRP joint injections, PRF joint injections, and Exosomes joint injections.

When you first enter Bionic JointsTM , you can expect to feel relaxed and confident that you are in capable hands. Patients can choose the most appropriate treatment based on variables like their budget and the amount of time they have available.

At Bionic JointsTM , Dr. J MD acknowledges the uniqueness of each patient and makes it a priority to provide individualized, customized treatment plans for every one of his patients. Dr. J MD has personally trained each staff member and ensures they are constantly ready to assist patients to obtain the most outstanding possible results.

So don’t ignore the pain and step into Bionic JointsTM and consult Dr. J MD for the choosing best treatment option and enjoy a pain-free life.

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